If I can….. /If I know earlier….

Chinese New Year is around the corner. There are so many types of cookies available. In the names of once a year, I am occasionally will indulge myself with non organic, refined sugar, white flour unhealthy cookies. However, I can feel the impact after having all this “Yummylicious” cookies. I can sense easily on the body changes, I am more heavy, tired, sleepy, restless and the obvious changes is on my face. I can see clearly the dark spot, pimples on my face as a result of having processed, sugary “yin” food. No way to hide!!!

We can indulge ourselves occasionally for happy food, however we just can’t continue to keep eating. How much health damages we are going to bring to our body? We are feeding “poison” instead of “nutrients”. We are making our body to work harder to remove toxins instead of boast up our immune system. As such, We must aware on what actually we are eating, bring benefits or harm to body.

You can’t blame sickness because of luck. Its definitely related to your diet.

Health is 20% of exercise and 80% of diet. You can’t overrun a poor diet.

The choice is obviously on your hand. You can control what you want to feed yourself. Some of my friends shared with me, “We only live once, why should we restrict ourselves so much?”, “Why not pamper and indulge ourselves with “Yummylicious” food?” “I just can’t resist “good food”.

If you are willing to take risk on your health, just don’t blame or live in remorse when you are sick, never say, “If I can/ If I know earlier….”

Its best to follow good and right diet after you experience the changes of your body. Health is Wealth! You are responsible for your health! 





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