Go vegan!!!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year Celebration, I’ve invited my relatives to join us for Macrobiotics luncheon. This was the first experience for them. As such, I’ve planned the food menu in advance. Thinking from their perspectives, what they love the most as they are meat-eater.

We went for raw ingredients shopping yesterday as my fridge can’t store so much fresh vegetables. I’ve started to prepare and cook started from 6 am this morning. Planning in advance is needed. I wrote down a list on all ingredients needed for each dish and started preparation in peace, calm and loving kindness.

I am planning for a total of 6 dishes plus a super yummy and healthy vegan soup. I am grateful for my lovely sister for helping out. Its great to work as a team, full of happiness.

Awesome macrobiotics dishes! Healthy, yummy and look great!

We are truly happy when our relatives were enjoyed so much and they can accept openly on macrobiotics dishes. All our handwork paid when we see their happy and satisfied faces. Our intention is simple, we hope they can experience nice and yummy home cooking, perhaps to start to cut down meat taking and start healthy living. It’s really simple!

I read a good quote from Alice Walker, ” The Animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.”

Lets contemplate!


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