Stay healthy!!!

Last Thursday, I was so busy for work, reached home about 11:30 pm. Truely exhausted.  However, I still manage to cook a yummy and healthy organic vegan breakfast for my family.

Simple is the best!!!

It’s really depend on whether are you really give priority to the food you are eating. If you are mindful, listen to your body, you know the best on the impact of food to you. How do you feel after taking the food? Happy? Stress? Stable? Peaceful? Agitated? Hyper? Sleepy? Restless? Angry? Depress?

Food does matter and it’s directly affect our body and mind. Eat well, eat right and the choice is in your hand!!!

Why not be the master and the best Doctor to take care and take charge of your precious health?

May you be well and stay healthy, friends!!!



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