Best Insurance package….

Whenever, I shared with my friend that I wake up 5 am to cook macrobiotic meal for my family. One of the best thing to take care of our health as we are aware on what type of ingredients we are using in cooking and also powerful energy, cooking with love. Perhaps, its hard if you keep thinking on the challenges, why not do it if you are putting priority to your and your family health? Once you build this practise in your DNA, you are going to continuosly doing as you realise the strong linkage between health and food.

People are focusing to buy health insurance in case anything happen to their health. Well! Why not pay attention to the food you eat? Why not invest slightly more to consume organic food which is free from chemical, pesticides and other toxins. It’ll definitely bring benefits to your wellbeing.

Usually people will not give priority to their health unless they are sick. We love to pamper our senses for good taste and taking so much “harmful toxins” which bring disaster to our health gradually, namely, meat, diaries, refined sugar, processed food, instant noodle, soft drink, fast food, alcohol, GMO products, and others.

Why not be awakening now instead of regret later?

The best food is home cooked macrobiotic meal. Worry free!!!

Be vegan, take organic food, no processed food, no refined sugar and others, this is the BEST INSURANCE package!




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