Why not start to write food diary?

Are you aware what are you eating daily?

Can you remember what food are you taking for last week, perhaps the day before?

How’s your energy level after taking the food?

How about your emotions? Happy, sad, stress, tension, restless, angry, frustration, hyper…

How about your health? Headache, pain, constipation, fever, cold, flu or….

It’s hard to recall if we don’t start to write our food journal/diary to record down all food we are taking daily. It’s best if you can take photo on your food. For me, I posted in my instagram account, it’s easier to check.

Food and sickness are interrelated. If you want to diagnose why are you sick, check out the food you intake, the answer is out there. Of course, its best if you can record your toilet time, duration for exercise, overall physical and mental condition. You can definitely be your best doctor. You know yourself better!!!

No matter how busy I am, I give priority to cook best healthy food to my family!!!

Why are you surrender your precious health to others? Say, “food cook by others”, “Take drugs to heal without understand the side effect.” and others.

Let’s practice, “Let’s food be thy medicine.”



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