Top priority!!!

I was truly busy last week. I am having back to back meeting in office, rushing to meet new project deadlines and always stay back late. When I reach home, usually after 8 pm.I need to prepare for tomorrow dishes, settled for clean & cut all vegetables, boiled soup by using slow cooker soaked organic brown rice for overnight with kumbu for easy digestion and other chores. Usually, I’ll take at least 30-45 minutes to get ready everything and keep in refrigerator. This can help to speed up my cooking time the new day.

In the morning, I need to spend about an hour to settle all cooking plus washing, make tea and coffee, watering plant in garden, packed bento Β and others before I can go to work. As such, I wake up and sleep early! It’s possible!!!

As such, never give excuse that you don’t know how to cook, its depend on your determination and will. Nothing is more important than to eat right food to sustain good health for body and mind.

Good food will bring good energy to body and mind!

Why not give priority while you are still healthy and give TOP PRIORITY if you are not healthy?




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