How to live well?

Recently, I heard so many of my friends are getting sick. The age is getting younger. Many years back, I heard people are getting cancer, perhaps we read in news or someone friends. However, what I experienced lately is people just next or close to us are getting cancer. It’s so common. In Malaysia, chances of getting cancer is 1 out of 4, 25%.

What can we do in order to reduce the risk?

One of the simplest thing is to let go your burden, be free and release yourself from stress. Once you are in stress, your body cell is shrink and tight. Your immunity drop and easily to get sick. Stress is a silent killer! Of course, living in mundane world, we are facing so much challenges and always “rush” to meet deadline. Why not slow down? Do one job at a time with a happy heart, you might increase your productivity. Always remember to “Smile”, one of the free medicine to overcome “Stress”.

Simple macrobiotics meal is the best!

Besides, you need to eat right food, right portion and combination. If you’ve a chance, try out macrobiotics diet, which is a great to reduce risk of cancer. Please spend time to do exercise, walking is the best and free exercise which bring so much health benefits. Keep walking daily at least 10,000 steps. Be diligent. Moreover, please give the best food to mind, start to practice meditation.

To enjoy good health, you need a holistic 360 degree plan to provide good nutrients to body and mind, remember to smile daily and build this in your DNA.

Take care my friends!

Health is wealth!




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