natural remedies…

When you are sick, what are you doing? say flu, fever, cough, sore throat and others?

Are you immediately to get drugs? Consult Doctor? Buy medicine from pharmacies?

Are you rushing to start antibiotics treatment?

I love to observe my lovely cats. During weekend, we are spending time in garden.

Look at An An boy, he knew how to find plants to heal himself if he is unwell.

Why not look for natural remedies instead of immediately jump into feeding your body  with drugs or started antibiotics treatment? Instead of looking for shortcut which bring comfort immediate but causing side effect to body, why not learn from our ancestors to treat our body with natural herbs which can also help to ease our decease. Its take longer time yet no side effect to kidney, liver and other organs.

How wonderful!

I always believe that let’s medicine be thy food!!!

Why not take a try?




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