home cooking…

Are you practice home cooking?

Are you thinking home cooking is consuming a lot of time and energy? You need to buy, plan, prepare, cook, clean and wash. Perhaps thinking about the process, you might decide is better to dine out. It’s so convenient, you can eat whatever you want, pay and eat. Nothing much you need to do except travelling to the restaurant.

Yes, its convenient but what are the consequences you need to bear?

How are you spend the time you save from cooking? Shopping? online? Chatting? watching videos?

Food is giving direct impact to our body and health. Food is related to our sickness. Why are we not focusing on the root of food instead of jumping to drug, antibiotics, operation and others when we fall sick? Why not give your priority to cook? Why not giving 100% attention to the food you eat?

It’s not only good for you and yet bring so much happiness and benefits to your family, loved one and others.

When you are eat well and eat right, the chances of get sick is lesser, you are enjoying good health. Moreover, people who are eating the food you prepare also enjoying good health. How wonderful!!! Small act yet bring so much benefits.

The more you practice home cooking, the more skilful, creative and you can manage whole process in a short while. My personal experience that I took up as a head chef at home about 2 years plus when my mum was ill. I can handle the total cooking process in shorter time now and most important, I enjoy cooking.

You can enjoy organic vegan vegetables curry anywhere. However, home cooking version is without coconut milk, good combination of healthy ingredients, cook with lot of love and positive energy. Yay!

I know good health start from a good and healthy meal.

No meal is greater than home cooked meal!!! Lot of love is in the food!

Why not start your home cooking?





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