Are you cook with love???

Some of my friend shared with me that cooking is time-consuming. Well! This might be truth if you are inexperience, lack of preparation and the key question is “Are you passionate in cooking?

Are you cook by force? Are you cook with love?

If you love something, you are totally forgotten about time pass as you are enjoying what you are doing. A simple example, When you hang out with a group of best friends, continue with good chats, good food, god accompany, you don’t even realised time fly as you are enjoying the happy gathering time. Its apply the same to whatever you are doing.

As such, enjoy cooking and you don’t realised time fly… All hardwork being rewarded when your family members and friends are enjoying the food you cook.

Cook an awesome organic vegan meal is easy with proper planning and LOVE!!!

I alway believe practice makes perfect and you need to plan your ingredients, steps, sequence of cooking and others before you start cooking.

I need to go to work after cooking in morning, I’ll prepare all my ingredients, wash, clean, cut and pack in fridge at night. After I wake up in the morning, I’ll run through Β the cooking sequence in my mind before I start cooking. After 2 years of practice, it’s no longer time-consuming and I am enjoying cooking.

Don’t mess up the kitchen by not proper planning and constantly looking for ingredients, seasoning, plates, serving bowl, kitchen tools while you are cooking. All this action will definitely drive you mad as you are not enjoying peace of mind.




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