Wise decision…

Yummy vegan dumpling, wanton and beancurd roll.

Some people say, it’s really hard for them to let go “meat” and “seafood”. They love and enjoying eating. They are indulged their senses for the “good taste”. Basically, what is “good taste”?

Why are we need to sacrifice “life” to get the “good taste”? Imagine, if you are giving a raw meat with blood without any marinate, sauces, cooking method, do you think this still consider as “good taste”?

When you see “life” in the food you are eating, are you still enjoying? Why do we need to take other’s life to continue our life, moreover we’ve so much choices of food without harming other beings? Why do we want to cause suffering in others in order to satisfy our senses?

Never give excuses as our body need “protein”, as such I need to eat “meat”. Please search for plant protein vs meat protein. Don’t act naive and innocent as “I don’t Know”, “My parent said we must take meat…”, “My culture…”, “Tradition…”

We can always take a stop and make changes. The key is in your hand, make wise decision. You can decide to bring happiness or suffering to others.





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