Transformation of health!!!

Wang Wang boyΒ is staying with us for more than 4 months. We can see his health transformation from a stray cat to a furrever home cat. He looks for handsome and energetic!!!

When we first adopted him, his fur was so rough, easily loss and sticked on our clothes whenever we carry him. Of course, we discovered so much cat’s fur on our floor too.

We fed him with one of the premium cat food, same grade as human food. After 4 months of consuming good and healthy diet, we can see his condition improve tremendously. His fur is so smooth and silky. Hardly any fur lost like in the past. Wang Wang is a healthy and happy boy.

A simple example to share when we feed our lovely cat with right nutrient of food, he improved his health condition. How about us? Are you eating correctly? Are your health getting better or worst? Of course, check your diet, exercise and state of mind.

You are what you eat!!! This will never go wrong!!!

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