Food does matter…

When I am out for meeting, seminar or training, we’ll politely request the organiser to prepare vegetarian food. Nowadays, vegetarian diet is so common. However, I am taking vegan food with no garlic, onion, leek, scallion and chives. It’s a big challenge to prepare as minority people are following this diet. In order not to giving so much trouble to others, usually I’ll request for vegetarian food.

My recent experience was for vegetarian meal in buffet line only baked pumpkin, potatoes and carrot, Quiche (with butter and eggs), fruits tart and red velvet cake. I can only take baked potatoes, pumpkin and carrots. I try my best to avoid any refined sugar cake and diaries products.

Of course, I ate food to get my stomach full. I used to eat my wholesome home cooked macrobiotics meal daily. The lunch was not fulfilling and satisfying. I felt hungry, tired, lack of energy during the meeting as the meeting room was so cold.

My simple and healthy macrobiotics meal is the best food to me. Blessings!

Once meeting over, immediately I went to take a bowl of warm vegan noodle soup. I am truly happy and satisfy with the good meal. Food does matter!!!

Kindly give priority to know what food are you feeding yourself. Listen to your body and you know the link between food and your body condition.



2 thoughts on “Food does matter…

  1. Couldn’t agree more! The food you eat directly affects your energy, your body’s ability to function and so much more!

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