Be gratitude…

I love to bake organic vegan banana muffin when our home-grown organic banana is ripen. A great connection with nature through home-grown food. We are enjoying not only a piece of banana muffin, but air, water, hot sun, soil from mother of nature and a handwork from my dad who take care of the banana trees. Eat with a heart filled with gratitude.

Some of us, we always assume that we can buy any food with money. We are not treasure the food we are eating, we assume we pay food with money. Is it so?

Some of my friend, they use to waste their food by eating a few mouthful and in the name of “on diet”, they’ll throw away the balance of food. My heart is bleeding when I see food wastage. How blessed that we can have a proper meal? How many people are living in hunger? How many stray animal friends are not even can look for food? Don’t waste even a single grain. It’s not only about money. It’s the blessing from nature to nourish our food, handwork from farmers, transporters, chef and others to get ready the food to us.

I am gratitude to the spirit of banana tree for its survival to hold and bring ripen banana for us to enjoy. For me, to bake organic vegan banana muffin. I shared with my friends on this when I shared the vegan banana muffin. Be gratitude when they are enjoying the muffin.

Why not to start to practice eating mindfully and full of gratitude to nature and all beings? Most important, Please practice zero waste.

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