Practice zero waste…

Are you practicing zero waste when you are eating?

Are you only taking the food portion you can finish in buffet line?

Are you throw away most of your food?

My heart is bleeding when I see people are not grateful to food they are eating. It’s a blessing that we’ve enough food to eat. So many beings are living in hunger.

One of my friend loves to waste food even though after numerous time advise, she refused to listen. She will only finish hardly 50% of her food in her plate with the excuse of too full and yet she will look for food after 2 hours. In reality, she is worry of putting weight and control her portion of food. In Chinese saying, we are throwing away all our good merits.

We need so many good conditions to be ripen in order to eat a grain. Be grateful and practice zero waste. Contemplate beyond using money to buy food. Imagine, how to get food in natural disaster like drought, flood, earth quake and others?

Practise zero waste!!! Little effort can bring big impact. Let’s do it together!

Take the right portion, eat all you take, never be greedy. Always think about how many beings are living in starvation?






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