What are you feeding your children?

I am very sad whatever I saw people are eating wrong food/diet. I knew the impact of the wrong food/ diet which will bring long-term disaster to our health. Moreover, when I see, little child is being fed on wrong food by their paren, it’s heart-broken. Little boy or girl, they don’t have choice but to eat the food given. How about parent? Why not study more before you feed your lovely children? Ignorance will bring health damage.

Sometimes, people will ask, Why am I and my family members are so easy to fall sick? Simple answer, “Please check your diet and lifestyle.” The answer is there.

Be a smart consumer, check the ingredients before you purchase any food. Only you can safeguard your health. If you are not interested, no one can help!!!

Simple and healthy home cooked food is my first priority. I know what I am feeding to myself and family!

It’s really hard to give advise when people are not ready to listen. Start from ourselves to give priority to food intake, be the role model. Whenever people are ready, they will look for you to consult or get tips on healthy living.

Keep walking!!!


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