mucus accumulation…

Recently, I had my vacation in Hokkaido. This beautiful place is full of many types of good quality, sweet, juicy and fresh fruits. I am fully aware that sweet fruits are full of simple sugar and also causing mucus accumulation. However, I am still eating and enjoyed good quality of fruits in Hokkaido. The amount of fruits I consumed was more than my one year fruit consumption. I seldom take fruits except for apples, home-grown banana (usually baked cake), mulberries (baked cakes), home-grown jackfruits and others.

Fresh and juicy cherries!

I enjoyed the super sweet and juicy Yubari melon, self picked cherries, apples, orange, grapes, sweet corn, sweet dessert, white rice (hard to get brown rice in Hokkaido) which full of simple sugar. Happiness is so short, perhaps less than 20 minutes to enjoy each types of fruits.

However, I am paying a high price as my body started to release mucus accumulation from fruits, sweet dessert, white rice I had through coughing and sneezing. I am enjoying the process of detoxification for more than 1 week. I am grateful that I am learning macrobiotics, I took lotus root juice to heal my coughing. Lets food be thy medicine.

My symptom is severe as I constantly cleanse my body and its easy for body to release unwanted stuffs. Never use drugs to stop all your symptom. It’ll store all toxins deeper in organs.

My lesson is be mindful on food intake. Eat moderately!!! Accept the symptom from the food you consume with open heart. Let all toxins out from our body, naturally!





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