Vegan food in Hokkaido…

The best vegan food I can get from Buffet breakfast in Hokkaido.

It was not easy to look for vegan food in Hokkaido. However, we were managed to get the best vegan food from the buffet line.  There was stir fried vegetables but mixed with seafood or meat. We can’t stand the “smell” after on vegetarian diet for coming 8 years. Our senses are sharpen.

Luckily, we are on macrobiotics diet, we can accept Japanese food like Stir fried burdock with carrot, miso soup, wakame, kumbu and others. I am not a big fan of raw vegetables, small portion is fine.

We hope more people will join vegan diet and give a great demand to increase vegan food in buffet line. Perhaps we can get a corner of vegan food in near future.

Are you ready to try vegan food?


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