What are you eating?

Recently, I went to University to study for a short training course arranged by company. It was great to go to University again after my graduation since long…long time ago.

I’ve requested for vegetarian meal. However, for the 1st day, the catering service staff never prepare a vegetarian meal, I just took white rice and fried cabbage and carrot (too oily). Seriously, not healthy!!! I checked out the non vegan buffet meal, they served “Chicken”, “Fish” and “Beef”, plus fried cabbage. I noticed clearly on the consequence of heavy meal with “Meat”, most of my classmates were so “Sleepy” and “Tired”. However, impact to the body is beyond seeing from eyes.

They prepared vegan meal on the subsequent day, however it’s not a healthy vegan food. We just can’t take all this food for long-term, too oily, sweet, full of flavoring and processed food. As such, you are not necessary getting healthier as vegan if you are eating “wrong type” of food. Your health might get worst.

Avoid processed food, eat more fresh vegetables and do practice home cooking. Health is wealth!!!

As such, beware of what you are eating. Don’t feed “Poison” to your body. Never blame your luck if you are sick if you are continue feeding “Poison” and “wrong food type” to body.




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