Good health…

Majority of my colleagues are not spend time in home cooking. They preferred to dine out as faster and easier. No need to spend time to do shopping, preparation, cleaning and most important, planning about what to cook.

A simple question, what is most precious gift? Good health!

How to sustain our good health? Eat right, sleep tight, exercise and “meditation”.  You are what you eat. It’s never go wrong.

We love to buy health insurance to protect ourselves when we get sick. Why not to protect and safeguard your health from taking care of your diet? Why not start from home cooking? The best way to know what are the raw ingredients you are put into your cooking. What type of cooking method are you using? What types of sauces, spices and others flavouring are you using?

To me, home cooked organic vegan meal is the best!!!

It’s really worth to spend an hour plus a day to do home cooking. Nothing is more precious than good health!



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