Vegan cooking…

In the past 2 years, I don’t need to cook and handle any kitchen chores. Everything will be settled by my mum. I’ve so much free time to do my spiritual practice, reading books, yoga exercise and gardening.

Life is impermanent.

My mum fall sick and she can’t cook anymore. As an eldest in the family, I need to take up the role as an Organic vegan chef at home. I am not so good in cooking and I started to lookout for the best vegan cooking course in town which can provide easy cooking and complete nutrient to our body and mind.

I am gratitude that I picked up “Macrobiotics” cooking course and started my journey of cooking since then. Everything happened for a reason and all conditions must be ready.

Throughout years of practice, I can cook better, using shorter preparation time and no longer needed to look at recipe for cooking. Perhaps, I roughly know how to cook sudden food once I try it. It’s not because I am smart or clever. The key reason are be diligent in cooking, cook with mindfulness, love and passion.

Practice makes perfect. It’s never go wrong! Never ever use excuses as no interest, not skilful, no time and others to stop you from cooking. Sickness is caused by 80% of your diet. Why not give priority to food you are eating?

Simple and easy home cooked organic vegan meal.

Are you feeding yourself with nutrients or poison?


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