Be a vegan?

Join us for guilt free vegan diet. One of the best way to practise, self benefit and benefit others!

” I stopped eating meat some 50 years ago when I looked at a pork chop on my plate and thought: This represents FEAR, PAIN and DEATH.” From Jane Goodall

What a profound statement!!!

Are you seeing Fear, Pain and death while enjoying meat related products?

Are you only focusing to satisfy your taste bud and craving?

How do you eat?

You chew and swallow the food through 3 inches throat. What a short time? Well! Your action just contributed to the demand of meat industry, indirectly causing tremendous suffering  (tons of torturing when living, e.g. small space, continuously eating, unhygienic environment, transportation process from farm to slaughter-house, stress and tension while waiting in slaughterhouse and…..) and “death” penalty to animal friends.

Ask yourself.

What are so good about meat products?

Why am I so attracted and addicted to it?

More protein? Good taste? Cooking style? Eating diet since young? Family culture? Tradition?

Animals are inferior and belong to us?

Never see life in others?

Many people become vegan when they are practising empathy. Always think from perspectives from others.

If I am one of them (Animals), how do I

Feel-  Happiness, suffering, torturing, love, hatred, anger, tension, stress, enjoying, pain, hurt …

Think-  Peace, disturbed mind, freedom…

What do you eat?

Love, happiness, peace, freedom, gratitude….

Why not help yourself to gain better health and releasing suffering to animal friends by a simple action?

Transform to Vegan diet.








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