Keep exploring…

You must love and enjoy whatever you are doing. One of my elderly friend shared with me that” You must be passion in whatever you are doing, then only you can shine, come out with new ideas and creation.”

If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you are going to suffer and causing the people surrounding you also suffering. Why? You are going to transfer your negative emotion and energy to them. Only negative vibes. As such, please enjoy your cooking, have fun and bring happiness to whoever going to eat your food. Shine them with happiness and positive vibes.

I enjoy cooking and always trying to come out with new creation of vegan dishes. Keep reading, eating, exploring and innovating. Its full of fun!

My new trial on using Organic tofu scramble in Fried rice. Tasted great with numeric and home-grown chill paid. Life is full of trying and exploring. Never stop at the same place, you are going to be out of date. Keep thinking, playing and enjoying! 

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