be mindful eating…

One of the great observation about our cat friends, they are only eat when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. No matter how you force them, they are not going to finish the balance of food if they are full. As such, we must learn how much food to feed them.

Let’s check out about our way of eating.

Are you eating when you are hungry?

Healthy, guilt free, yummy plant-based meal. Bring happiness to you, animal friends and mother of earth. Why not take a try?

Are you over eating?

Are you snacking?

Are you stop eating when you are full?

Are you constantly craving for food?

Are you chewing your food?

Are you greedily order your food even though you know you can’t finish?

Be mindful when you are eating, chew well and eat well. Stop eating when you are about 80% full. Let’s our stomach and other internal organ can perform their task.

When you are chew well, you tend to eat less and you are fully aware you are full. When you are mindful in your food intake, you are gradually let go “meat” as you are aware there is cruelty, suffering, pain, torturing, stress, tension and full of negative vibes in food you are eating. You are going to choose plant-based food which bring happiness to animal friends and less harm to mother of earth.



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