Go Vegan! You can…

This week, I read a shocking news that scientists said we have 12 years to stop a climate change catastrophe. I know the day will come based on how, what human beings are doing to destroy our lovely and beautiful earth. Its come so fast!!! Perhaps, I might able to see the da

If you love this beautiful planet-a home for all beings, What and how can we do together?

Are you keen to try Organic vegan wanton noodle? So yummy!

Simple answer, Go Vegan.

If everyone is taking this action, we are able to stop a climate change catastrophe and reduce suffering that all beings need to face from natural disasters. I believe you can notice how up side down of our weather. In Malaysia, it’s not suppose to be in monsoon season now, however, we are facing heavy rain and thunder-storm daily, sometimes 3-4 times per day, hardly we can get some sunshine. What are the impact? Flash flood, landslide, roof being blow away and…..

Today, I went to Organic market, limited choices of vegetables, no hair melon, radish, winter melon and others. The heavy and unusual rain affected the crop. Imagine, the situation is getting worst, what can we eat even we are full of cash?

Some of us might think go vegan, so challenging. You need to give up your “Favourite food” immediately. The mind is everything, you are what you think. Why not take a try not to restrict yourself from taking meat, seafood and diaries for initial stage? But to increase the amount of vegetables, beans, tofu, plant based ingredients in your meal. Our mind is more receptive to add on instead of completely cut off. Gradually, eventually, you are going to be a VEGAN.

Take a try!!! Small effort from us, we can make a huge impact together and prolong the life of mother of earth, bring happiness and reduce suffering to all beings.

Say YES!!!







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