That is my child….

How do you communicate with your pets?

Are you talking softly, patiently and full of loving kindness with them?

I read the below:

“Why do you talk to your pet like a human?”

First of all, that is my child.

How profound!

We love our pet friends dearly, we treat them like our family members. We are giving unconditional love to them even though we are in different form, using different language and others. We accepted like human.

Think about it, why not we apply this unconditional love to all animal friends?

Meat product is from animal friends. We need to kill them, and eating their meat. I believe you are not going to eat your pet. See no difference and discrimination in life.

Why are we pamper and satisfy our 3 inches of throat and taking precious life from others? Most important, you don’t need to eat meat and survive. More than 700 edible plants in this beautiful planet for us to consume, why are we taking life of a few animal friends?

Let’s contemplate. What is the purpose of eating meat? Why are you eating meat?

Close your eyes. Imagine the meat you ate had suffered a terrible life, caught in cage for whole life, kept feeding food that is not belong to them (GMO), never see any sunlight, kept feeding with antibiotics and they need to witness their friends being slaughtered one by one. Their whole life is living in distress, tension, fear, anger and full of negative vibes. Not even to enjoy a moment of happiness. We are eating their body.

Don’t pretend and don’t hide away from the TRUTH.

If you are eating meat, you are contributing to the demand of meat. Even though, you are not killing the poor animal by your hand, but you are one of the person who is taking their life as you are demanding of meat.

You know what is right food you need to consume, never pamper and satisfy your desires by taking life and causing tremendous suffering to other beings.

Love and protect them like your child.

The mind is everything. You are what you think! Change your mindset, and definitely you can transform your diet! It’s easy!

Transform to vegan diet.

You can!





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