Being a VEGAN…

Have you ever heard that a mum talked to a small boy or girl to ask them to take veggie?

Some of us, when we are young, our parent may encourage us to take more veggies.

I live well with my vegan lifestyle… I believe you can too…

However, when you are vegan?  Your parent might not support your decision as they are so worried on insufficient of nutrients.

Suddenly, The whole world is asking you, “Are you sure you can take enough protein from your diet?” Why no one concern about protein when we are not a vegan?

A simple logic, “People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox. Forgetting that ox eats grass.”

What a JOKE!!!

The beauty of a VEGAN, you can SAVE

1 Animal,

45 lbs of grain,

1,000 gallons of water,

30 sqft of FOREST.

How awesome!!!

Eat well, eat balance and there is no worry being a VEGAN!




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