How much is your life worth?

Have you ever think of how much is your life worth?

Are you willing to trade your life for money if someone wants to buy?

I am sure, the answer is NO.

Well! Why are we using “money” to buy “life” from animal friends?

Do you think they are willing to die in the name of processing food to us?

Recently, I watched a few videos on how happy are our animal friends who were being saved from slaughterhouse and stayed in no kill farm sanctuary. Since born, they are stayed in cage with very limited space, hardly can move around. I felt their happiness and ultimate joy when they are being released, the happy jump, run like wild, a total freedom in life.

Yes, our lovely animal friends are belonged to live in nature and enjoy this beautiful planet with us, they are not our FOOD!!! They are not a “Dead” product. They are just like us, they are loving, caring, they feel the pain, stress, fear, anger, tension…

It’s an easy step, be a vegan, you can help them to relieve from suffering and let them to spend their life in nature, breath fresh air, sunlight and playing with their pals.

Change to Vegan diet can bring so much benefits to your health and most important can bring happiness to animal friends.





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