Children love animals…

Children love animals. They will play with them with happy and pure heart. And in their little mind, they never assume eating meat equivalent to take away life of animal friends. One of my friend, young daughter about 7 years old, once she understood that animals need to be killed in order for her to eat. Immediately, she shared with her mum that she wants to be a vegetarian and stop eating meat. Children mind is so pure and always remember that they’ll never request to eat meat. We are the one who feed and teach them. Once they know the truth, they can stop immediately.

Why can’t we as an adult? Why are we so pampered our senses and ignore the pain of others?

Occasionally, I heard my friends will bring their children to visit organic farm to let their children understand how to grow vegetables, pluck and eat fresh vegetables. What a good outing!

However, parent will never bring their children to visit slaughterhouse which full of pain, suffering, shouting and others. I strongly believe once we’ve watched or visited a slaughterhouse, we are going to be a vegan.

Be a vegan is my best choice of life! Be the voice of animal friends is the best we can help them.

We are one. Why separated us in the name of human, cow, sheep, dog, pig, chicken, duck and others? What you feel is exactly how they feel.

Love all beings!



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