Go vegan…

Super yummy Beyond burger…
We tried out Beyond sausage. Nice!

Last week, I was in Hong Kong. Finally, I am able to try out Beyond burger and Beyond sausage. It tasted great! Why do we need to take meat? Grateful to people behind the Beyond Meat to come out with great vegan “meat” to encourage more people to go vegan.

I am extremely happy when I see more young people in the vegan cafe Kind Kitchen @greencommon. It’s a good sign that acceptance level of vegan is higher and it’s a current trend to save environment, animal friends and our health. Awesome action!

Transform your mind and you are able to change your diet. You are what you think.

It’s not hard to be a vegan and there is so many vegan food out there. Full of choices and you are not going to miss out anything but to GAIN healthy body and mind. What is more important than good health?

Don’t be hesitate, take a try!

Go vegan, friends!



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