Am I sacrifice?

People love to give comments, “What a big sacrifice to be a vegan?” “You need to let go all good food you had since childhood, like fried chicken, fried eggs, Char Siew Pau (Pork bun), steamed fish and other meat dishes.

Why make you a vegan? How to be not attracted by meat dishes? How to stick on be a vegan?

I enjoyed my guilt free vegan meal daily. It gives ultimate happiness in my life. The best decision I make in saving animal’s life, living healthy lifestyle and reduce carbon foot print. What else is better than doing this?

I love this quote:
“Veganism is not a sacrifice, It is a JOY.”

I am extremely happy to be a vegan. Only regret is why not be a vegan earlier, as young as possible. I am repent that what I did in the past, not mindful in eating and causing suffering to animal friends. What I vowed is to do my best to share benefits of vegan diet and see no difference in all beings. To bring happiness to animal friends and not suffering.

Thinking about how happy are our animal friends when they no need to go through a short life in cage and go through the suffering and torturing slaughtering process. There is no reason to turn back, and it give me strength to keep sharing, to sow a seed. Perhaps, others are willing to try on vegan food, to accept vegan diets, to understand why we need to be a vegan, to know better on vegan lifestyle….

Keep sharing, my dear friends.

Let’s others hear our voices!!! Live as living proof.

Let’s do it together!





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