Childhood memories food…

I went for a short trip to refresh, rejuvenate and start anew in 2019.

How wonderful to let go all burden and start anew! Do take a break, you deserved.

I took the opportunity to stop at my hometown. So happy that I can look for vegan food and enjoy same taste of food during my childhood. Awesome!

Simple baked coconut bun, so yummy! Same taste after many years. Gratitude to the chef who passed his/her baking skill to next generation.
I love “Yong to fu”. One of my favourite is the fried jicama and fu chok (Bean curd skin). I never had it since I am a vegan. So happy that I found and enjoyed the great taste. 

Be gratitude, live life simple, you can find joy in any little things and any moment of life.

Be happy and stay healthy in this festive season.





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