Peace begins on your plate

Peace begins from your plate! How profound!

What is your new year resolutions?

Why not to kick-start to try on vegan food?

Why not to try at least one day a week to be a vegan?

The best is why not try out vegan for life!

A simple plate of organic veggies, the best guilt and cruelty free food. Why not join us as a vegan?

Simple vegan food and yet bring so much happiness to your body (better health), animal friends (No suffering) and environment (Less pollution). Besides, you are learning to be compassion and shine loving kindness to all animal friends. You are treating them equally important as your life.

If you still have doubt on why should you go vegan, you can access lot of info online. Never “Cheat” your consciences and never act “Naive” that you are unaware that an animal being killed whenever you are enjoy “Meat”.

Imagine about the suffering and pain if you are in their shoes. I believe this is the strong fact for you to stop eating meat.

You can do it, it’s all depend on you.




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