Be persistence…

When someone is very sick even undergo all western medical treatment, he or she might look for alternatives treatment. They hope they can recover through changing diet. Some might take vegan approach, they are persistent even though they don’t like the food. Well! In order to recover, they continue with vegan diet.

What will happen next?

Once he or she recover from illness through vegan diet, they might give up as this is not the food they love. They can’t be persistent.

Some of the cases, disease relapsed.

Don’t force yourself to accept a new vegan diet plan because of someone saying. You need to understand why are you taking such a diet. With the right understanding, you can walk your path with faith and unshakable. You are not going to make a U-TURN.

“Animals are dying, our Planet is dying.

We need to make a better choices. ”

One of the best way, transform your mind, imagine if you are in the position of “Animal”. Do you want happiness or suffering? Do you want to give up your life as “Food”?

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” By Immanuel Kant





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