Cooking with good vibes…

Yesterday, we went out to settle something and had lunch in the city centre. We had lunch at food court and ordered vegetarian food. The staff who served was a foreign worker with no smile and full of negative energy. I believed she might work too hard for CNY as the food court was packed with people. She just earned a living and no passion in what she was doing.

I ordered Vegetarian curry noodle and my sister ordered some side dishes. The price was high and the quality of food was dropped. It was different taste and quality from what we had in the past. I can’t even taste the aroma of “curry” in curry noodle. Maybe they added water to dilute the curry soup. So disappointed.

Well! It was a great lesson, you must cook with full and happy hearted, put fresh and quality ingredients, try your food before you served others. Besides, put your passion, positive, loving kindness when you are cooking. Your good vibes will shine on the person who are eating your food. Don’t cook to earn a living, to gain huge profit, cook for passion and cook to take care of other’s health. Please ensure your cooked food is not going to gradually poison others with negative vibes and bad or artificial  ingredients.

A conscious chef is the one who is taking care of other’s body and mind. Make sure your food is good nutrient and not POISON.

Remember your cooking is going to bring happiness and good health to others.

“May whoever taking your food be well and happy!”




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