“Know this:

Some people will not hear you regardless of how much, how loud, how truthful, how loving or how profound you speak .

Wish them well and let them go.”

How profound!

Simple macrobiotic meal. Why not take a try?

I am constantly sharing to my friends on how great and easy to follow macrobiotics standard meal, 5311 (50% whole grains, 30% Vegetables, 10% nuts or seeds, 10% seaweed or Beans. plus daily use soup, wholesome condiments and occasionally macrobiotics quality dessert. It’s really simple to follow, provide good nutrient and energy to our body and mind.

How important to include whole grain in our diet, to start to eat organic food and try vegan meal….

Only very few of my friends will take my advise after I constantly sharing. For the rest, I just sow good seed, hopefully it can ripen one day.

When you are forcing others, very short sustainability. People must be willingly to try and experience the different. Then, they’ll sustain their new diet plan.





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