Cause and effect…

Be mindful on what you are feeding yourself, poison or nutrients.

Whenever its right timing, I’ll share with my friends on how to start a balance and healthy diet. What are do and don’t… My job is only to sow a good seed, whether its going to ripe or not, it’s really up to them.

When I dine out with them, they remember my advise on not to eat eggs. Egg is too “yang” in term of energy and it’ll cause sickness, e.g. lump in our reproductive organs like ovaries, uterus,  prostate and others. Good point, my friend can remember what am I sharing but they can’t stop their craving, they are continuously eating eggs. I can’t do much, it’s really up to individual decision.

When my colleagues are having “junk Food” which full of colouring and artificial flavouring. I am sharing with them, there are a total of more than 3,000 food additives being approved by FDA and the test result is only based on we consume one food addictive. How about if we are eating more than 30 food addictive at one time?  You can always check out the description, the more unknown and strange names, like sodium nitrate, BHA/BHT, butane, Disodium Inosinate,Paraben, Saccharin, Red40, OrangeB, Norbixin and others. We are exposed to higher health disasters.

Only you can help yourself to regain good health! Never blame yourself if you are sick when you are aware on the cause and effect. Majority of diseases like heart disease, diabetics and cancer are from our eating habit or diet.  Do give priority, health is the biggest wealth!



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