Real food?

Are you eating Real food or fake food?

Have you ever checked food label before you make any purchase?

Have you ever come across many chemical names that you don’t even know how to pronounce and also understand about the impact to our body?

Do you take initiative to search online to understand the side effect before you make a purchase?

Are you totally trust on whatever stated in the packaging, like natural food, healthy snack and others?

There are more 6,000 food addictive in market. Think about the food colouring, you might read (Blue 2, green 3, yellow 5. red 3 and others). According to Science News, “Artificial food colouring (Dye) contained lot of chemicals, many derived from highly toxic sources and causes many type of diseases.

Be the guardian of your health, understand and know about the food you are eating. Check before you drink and eat. Perhaps, you might say why make life so difficult? Well! If you are ready to accept the effect, sickness without blame, you can take this for granted.

Only you can protect yourself and your family.

Read label carefully and explore more.



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