Food is health care…

“Medicine is not healthcare.

Food is health care. Medicine is sick care.

It’s time we see it for what it is.”

Many people are failed to understand to let food be medicine. We are more willing to jump straight to take medicine when we are sick without understand the side effect of medicine. We would like to have speed recovery and not willing to spend time to understand any relation of sickness vs diet vs lifestyle. We hope medicine can heal us without making any change to our current lifestyle and diet.

A good and balance diet can sustain our health.  Why not invest on organic vegan food? It’s free from pesticides, non GMO, chemical fertiliser, hormone and others harmful substances. Moreover, organic vegetables are giving higher nutrient compared to non-organic vegetables. Yes, you might paying slight expensive for organic food but it’s worth it.

However, what is the extra cost if compare to the medical fees later?

I heard a real case that “He got the final stage of cancer, his insurance policy unable to cover his medical fees, he sold out 3 houses to pay for medical fees and at the end, he passed away.”

Think about it, Why not spend slight more on good and quality food to sustain health instead of paying for sky-high medical cost?

I love organic vegetables. I took organic food more than 15 years. I can taste the “sweetness” of food. You can have a quick comparison and experience the difference between organic and non organic vegetables, try broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage even lettuce….



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