Eat intelligently is an art.

“To eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Are you aware on what are you putting into your mouth?

Are you aware on the origin of food?

Are you only putting in nutrient or poison to feed your body and mind?

Are you eating fresh food or processed food?

What are you feeding your family?

If you are eating meat, are you aware that you are indirectly “Kill” the animal? It related to demand and supply.

Most of the families who live in city, they seldom cook any meal during weekdays. The reason is Busy, no time to cook especially working group. Usually, they’ll dine out or call food delivery. If not, they will reheat those processed food.

You might think, you are saving some time. In reality, you are gradually losing your health, perhaps you need to spend more time to visit doctor to get consultation.

A simple home cooked meal is the best as you are aware what ingredients are you putting in.

Always give priority to your food intake, know what are you eating, where is the origin of food… Be mindful!

Do your best, not harm any sentient beings in your diet and give best nutrient to sustain your good health.

You are what you eat!!!



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