Good food…

What is more important than to feed yourself with right food? YOU are what you eat!

I invite my friends to join cooking workshop, to understand the relation of food and our health. However, some of them mentioned that “busy”, “no interest”, “no skills” and lot of reasons. Yes, It’s so easy to find tons of reasons to reject. Well! What is more important than food we put into our mouth which is going to give great impact in our life?

Imagine life without good health. How do you feel when you are sick? Simple example, fever, sore throat, cough, flu… Are you energetic to do something? Are you happily enjoying your sickness? All this illness can go away fast, how about terminal illness like heart problem, cancer, stroke an others.

If you are not going to pay attention to food, never regret or start self blaming if you are sick. Always remember on cause and effect. All thing happen for a reason.

I love the good saying from Marlene Watson-Tara,

Food makes the blood,

Blood makes the cells,

Cells make the tissue,

Tissue makes the organs.

Strong Blood creates strong immune system.



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