Vegan eats- Jiangnan,China

Just got back from Jiangnan, China.

We’ve ordered vegan meal through our travel agency.

Yes, they served vegan food for us, we also made a special request, no garlic and onions. However, most of the restaurant chef had low awareness on vegan food. They served only vegetables soup, 2 or 3 different vegetables, different types of mushroom, black fungus with stir fry or braised in soya sauces. The food was full of oil, flavouring and in super big portion.

Sis and I, hardly finished our meal especially when we looked at the amount of oil being used. It was a big challenge to have the same dishes repeatedly for many days.

My body can’t take lot of oils, flavouring and my body conditions are getting bad. So glad that I am home and start my home cooked macrobiotic food. You are what you eat. This will never go wrong.

It’s hardly to see any vegan restaurants when we shop around. We hope, the vegan diet can be blossom in China one day.



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