Vegan chef…

Are you the chef at home?

Are you cooking for your family?

Are you going to cook something you dislike and you serve others?

When you are inviting guests to your house, are you serving the best dishes you cook?

Below are the vegan dishes I had in China….Appetising?






We must cook with our heart, full of positive vibes and give best wishes to people who are eating our cooked food. Do provide food variety and cooking styles. For a balance vegan meal, please serve whole grains, vegetables (assorted), beans, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, tuber, root, mushroom and others. We can alway mix and match our cooking style, deep-fried, stir fry, braised, steamed, blanched and others.

If you want to encourage vegan diet, please learn how to cook well. Impressed non-vegan with yummy and healthy vegan food.

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