Right choice…

Are you care about the food you are eating?

Are you think about the impact of food to your body?

Are you aware of food ingredients?

Are you associate food and sickness?

Are you pamper your senses in eating?

You are what you eat. Food built cell, Cell build organ.

People usually pamper their senses in eating and enjoying very much on meat dishes. They don’t see any impact of this food to their health.

One day, they fall sick and they start to blame on “luck” instead of change their diet.

I heard many people are not willing to cut out meat even though they had critical illness. They are more willing to die instead of change diet.

Well! If you are being offered a slice of raw meat without flavouring and cooking. Do you think you love it? Of course, no. You prefer the taste.

Why not take a try?

The meat is tasteless after you chew less than 10 times. However , if you chew on grains, the longer you chew the sweeter it go.

Happy and guilt free organic vegan fried rice.

If you want to live longer and healthier, choose right food preferably organic food, go vegan, no refined sugar, grains and salt and no processed food.


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