Whole grains…

I heard from many friends, once they start on diet, the first food they use to cut is RICE. They are thinking that RICE, Carbohydrate will make them to gain weight.

Yes. This is correct if they are having refined white rice. Refined white rice is simple sugar. It will spike our blood sugar and in order to balance our body system, it’ll store as FAT. Obesity is link with SUGAR and not Whole Grain.

Read more about whole grains. You’ll understand bettrr why you need it.

Whole grain is full of nutrients and it’s support our energy. If you remove out whole grains, gradually you are easy to get tired and your overall health is deteriorated.

Take a try on Organic Whole grains, the more you chew, the more “sweetness” you enjoy, the more satisfied you are, the less chances you are craving for “sugary or sweet” food.




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