Simple Sugar…

When I asked my diabetic friends what are their daily diet, they answered “No sugar diet. We don’t take sugar.” Well! When I asked them whether are they taking noodle, bread, rice and other food product by using refined flour. Usually, they said Yes,  they are taking refined carbohydrate food and not realised that all this refined rice, flour will spike up their blood sugar.

So many of my friends are having wrong concept on Carbohydrate. They are thinking by cutting down white rice and replace by noodle or bread, they’ll enjoy better lifestyle. Is it true?

Eat balance meal with whole grains. One of the great way to sustain good health.

Remember simple sugar will spike our blood sugar and causing pancreas to overwork to release insulin in order to stabilise our blood sugar.

Please take Complex Carbohydrate, e.g. Organic Whole grains (Brown rice, Bleack rice, millet, buckwheat, wheat berries, whole wheat, Oats and others). Of course, you can enjoy healthy bread and also noodle, please ensure the ingredients are from WHOLE Grains.

Cut out Refined Carbohydrate and EAT complex Carbohydrate, this will give you good energy and good blood.





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