Awesome organic vegan meal

I always encourage my friends to eat more vegetables and reduce or eliminate meat eating.

Most of them shared with me that

“no protein”, “no energy”, “I love the taste.”, “Easy to get hungry”, “Why should I let go my favourite food?”, “Family traditional food”, “Need to dine with family” ………bla.. bla…

They love to share thousand of reason why can’t they stop eating meat?

I’ll invite them to search and understand better about the meat they are consuming, where is the food from? How is the living environment of live stock? How is the slaughter process?

Most of them, they don’t dare to watch the video to find out the truth.

If you can’t look at pictures of how your food was made, then maybe it’s time to eat something?

Listen to your heart. You are the fountain of loves.

Shine your loves to all beings.

We can!!! Stop eating other’s life. Their life is as precious as ours.



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