Best doctor…

Before you change to Vegan diet, people are keen to check with you…

Are you eating balance meal?

Are you getting enough protein? How about B12?

Are you getting enough nutrients?

Are you getting enough calcium as you don’t drink milk?

Are you still enjoy a slice of cake without milk and eggs? Is this possible?

They are so considerate about our vegan food intake and yet not pay attention to their meat eating diet which is one of source of diseases like heart, cholesterol, high blood, cancer and others.

Thanks to social media, you can get so much information on vegan diet. No worry, eat balance and you can stay healthy and well. Be a living example to show how good to be a vegan.

Don’t be discouraged by whatever people are saying. It’s irrelevant if not the truth.

You know the best, you are the best doctor to your body.

My happy vegan meal!!! The best gift to nourish my body and mind!

Keep walking and they are many healthy vegan out there.





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