Home baked organic vegan cookies…

Do you love to enjoy cookies?

Have you ever try vegan cookies?

I love home-baked macrobiotics cookies, no refined sugar, flour, butter and milk, eggs, of course no preservatives, additive and others harmful ingredients. And I insisted to use all organic or natural ingredients. (Nuts products)

Moreover, its hard to get good quality organic vegan cookies here. Usually, cookies baked with normal sugar and flour.

Once you master the skill, it’s easy to prepare, bake and clean up as compared when using butter or eggs. Only hand made, no machine is needed in the process except for nut cookies.

Do you know white flour and refined sugar will spike our blood sugar? It’s going to bring health damage.

My freshly baked organic vegan cookies..

Organic vegan matcha macadamia biscottis.

No matter how busy I am, I’ll give priority to prepare a few types of organic vegan cookies as healthy snacks.

Take a try!!!


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