Are you a vegan?

” I like animals, all animals.

I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog- or a chicken or a cow.

And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me.”

By Peter Dinklage

Do you love animals?

If yes, are you a vegan?

If no, Why?

Are you a cat lover? dog lover? bird lover?

If yes, are you a vegan?

If no, why?

Have you ever experience a cut or small wound?

Do you feel the pain?

If Yes, why can’t you feel the pain from animal friends?

Have you ever ask yourself this questions?

Keep contemplating!!!

Don’t cause any suffering to others because of our desire in eating. Remember that we are not RELY on meat to live.

Live well on a peaceful diet, go vegan!!! Bring happiness to all beings and also mother of earth!

We can live pretty well by vegan diet.

The choice of transformation is in your hand.

Think, my friends!!! Happiness vs suffering?





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